Carnival in Santiago de Compostela (Microcosm)


Parents drink coffee, their kids in costume.

We’re playing pool. Wild music from the street

where a troupe of clowns in red and green

carries a coffin. As if on holiday from cranky,

the old men in the back room burst out singing:

“¡Carnaval! ¡Te quiero!”

(15th February, 1993)


Carnival, Santiago de Compostela


Note: I never saw this Carnival in 1993. The poem records a glimpse. Who knows? Perhaps the clowns with their coffin were a tributary on their way to a bigger river of revelry of excellent nonsense. "Hey Nonny, Non!" (Shakespeare, Mucho Ado About Nothing.)

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This poem is from my second book, Santiago Sketches, which is entirely set in the pilgrimage city of Santiago de Compostela in northwestern Spain. You can read more poems here, in Spanish and in English. You can buy the book on Amazon here, or if you'd rather buy local, your bookshop would love to hear from you. More information is on my website.