Guest Post: Literary Community at The Lillian Vernon Creative Writers House

Hello Friends, I wanted to share with you an essay that I wrote for the site MFA Day Job. My essay is about literary community, and about how important mentorship is in the lives of young writers and poets. In this piece I explore how an abusive mentorship stunted my growth. I also trace my journey to moving to live in the USA, and to how studying at NYU's MFA Program years later allowed me to meet several important teachers and make friends that helped me to heal and to write the section of my first collection, Waiting for Saint Brendan and Other Poems, about the priest in question, who was a sexual abuser posing as mentor. Finally, here is a link to a poem from the book, titled "For My Brother". I hope that this essay and the poem are enlightening for you. David.cropped-stbrendan_cover.jpg

Like Something out of The Warriors, Paranoid Version

Having gone outside with a cute black girl, I was immediately surrounded by smooth-talking, cock-blocking Swiss and Brit Euro trash. We made up, however, by smoking a communal roll-your-own "cigarette" that induced what the posse calls a "whitener"

Looking for Pessoa

I joined a poetry country called "Mahmoud Darwish", so elegant and simple and proud. Luckily, there was no immigration process. (Maybe it's also called Palestine, but it's harder to get into and out of, if you're from there.)