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Why Irish People Think the USA is Funny

At JFK airport, a sign reads: No Soliciting Rides.

After seven years here,

I still chuckle.


Oxford English Dictionary:

"5 vulgar slang Have sexual intercourse with."


Merriam Webster:

Definition of ride

rode play \ˈrōd\ or chiefly dialectal rid play \ˈrid\ridden play \ˈri-dᵊn\ or chiefly dialectal rid orroderiding play \ˈrī-diŋ\
transitive verb

1a :to travel on 

  • ride a bike


  • ride the bus

b :to move with like a rider 

  • ride the waves

2a :to traverse by conveyance 

  • rode 500 miles

b :to ride a horse in 

  • ride a race

3:surviveoutlast usually used with out 

  • rode out the gale

4:to traverse on horseback to inspect or maintain 

  • ride fence
5:to mount in copulation used of a male animal