No Pants Day

Yesterday, the feast of the Baptism of Christ, apparently was also "No Pants Day". I knew it was the first because the priest said so during the Mass at Saint Peter's R.C. church in Tribeca (less than 10 blocks from the World Trade Center site, I believe), where my fiancée Adrienne and I were, considering it for our wedding. We knew it was the second going uptown to Korea Town for dumplings on the 4 train because there was a man beside us in heavy-framed glasses, coat, jumper, chunky shoes and Y-fronts. His bag interfered with the door's closing mechanism, and I quipped, "it must have been your undies." He turned to me and smiled. Then we noticed that the subway car was sprinkled with underwear-wearers: some of the men were sporting spotty boxers, a green pair with white spots was particularly affecting, and some of the women were wearing their most spiffy undies that were more of a "short" than a pair of knickers. But, hats off to those who chose to wear their normal work-a-day pair, that were neither particularly sexy, nor protective. I know I would have worn boxers. [youtube=]

"No Pants Day" is organised by Improv Everywhere, "a New York City-based prank collective that causes scenes of chaos and joy in public places. "