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In a number of breathlessly long sentences, this poem locates within the drama of Antarctic adventure an Irish singer-explorer who sings the old way, that is, alone. The diction here is as rough as the unforgiving icy environment, and the physical exertion of singing plus the power of his song adds up to its own heroic achievement.

Billy Collins, on "Tom Crean Sings Sean-nós at the Tiller on the Southern Ocean", prize- winning finalist in the 2015 Ballymaloe International Poetry Prize.


Santiago Sketches

Santiago Sketches is a book of short, imagistic poems entirely set in Santiago de Compostela, where the small and the local are revealed to be universal, mirroring the process whereby this small city near Finis Terrae (the end of the earth, according to the Romans) became central to human patrimony and declared a world heritage site by UNESCO. Santiago Sketches is one of the first books in English about a year in that city to which millions have travelled, but which most arriving pilgrims depart after a brief stay.

Waiting for Saint Brendan and Other Poems

David McLoghlin writes about emigration and a search for belonging, about betrayal and sexual abuse, about the imagined private lives of the saints, and the geometries of loss and love on the New York subway. In so doing, he offers the reader a first collection that is at once expansive and refined: an uncommon blend of scope and pointillist detail.

work in anthologies

“Where Are You From?” in Others Will Enter the Gates: Immigrant Poets on Poetry, Influences, And Writing in America, and "Easter Vigil" in Even The Daybreak - 35 Years of Salmon Poetry.

sign tongue

Sign Tongue is a slippery, cacophonous, technical marvel of sonic poem-making, a truly contemporary look at liminal conflations of the self in an unendingly political world.