Poems in Print Journals


The Wolf (UK): "Bones' Evidence", 2018, forthcoming.

The Stony Thursday Book (Ireland), "Orbital Resonance", 2018.

The Stinging Fly (Ireland): "42nd and Park" and "Crone Mountain", Summer 2018, issue 38 / Vol. 2.

Manhattan Review (USA): "Blue Dark" and "The Well" (reprints), autumn 2017.

Copper Nickel (USA): "Dendrochronology", autumn 2017.

The Stony Thursday Book: "Euskadi" and "Kamchatka", winter 2017.

Poetry Ireland Review (Ireland): “Blue Dark”, issue 119, autumn 2016. (Read “Blue Dark” online)

The Stinging Fly (Ireland): “Mixed Media”, issue 35, vol. 2, autumn 2016.

The Moth magazine (Ireland, spring 2016) and The Sunday Business Post (Ireland, 3rd April, 2016), “Tom Crean Sings Sean-nós at the Tiller in the Southern Ocean".

New Madrid (USA): “Clerical History”, “Blessing the Blind Man” and “The Senior Film” in “Evolving Islands”, special themed issue, winter 2015. 

Barrow Street (USA): “The Annals” and “January” in a British / Welsh / Irish section, winter 2015.

Cimarron Review (USA): "Pilot Fish", issue 193, autumn 2015.

Cyphers (Ireland): “Praza do Toural” and “‘¡Vamos, hombre!’” issue 80, autumn 2015.

The Stony Thursday Book: “Picaresque”, winter 2014.

Spoon River Poetry Review (USA): “Talking About It”, issue 39.1, summer 2014.

Hayden's Ferry Review (USA): "Disassociation", issue 54, spring / summer, 2014.

Natural Bridge (USA): “Crash Centre,” “Helpers” and “David Kieran,” issue 31, spring 2014. 

Solicited by Éire-Ireland (USA) for their Selection of New Irish Poets: six poems, autumn/winter 2013, Vol. 48, Issues 3&4. Available on Project Muse.

The Hopkins Review (USA)“The Last Poet in the Anthology”, vol. 6, No. 3, summer 2013, available on Project Muse.  

Birmingham Poetry Review (USA): “Sandymount Strand: Vigil”, issue no. 40, 2013. 

Prick of the Spindle (USA)“Migraine” and “Perseus: Aegis”, vol. 6.2, summer 2012. 

The Stinging Fly (Ireland): “Euclid Avenue", solicited for a New York City issue (with Colum McCann, Eamon Grennan, Sharon Olds & Nick Laird): issue 20, vol. 2 / winter 2011-12, 

The Stinging Fly (Ireland): Featured Poet, 6 poems in issue 14 / vol. 2, winter 2009-10. 

The Shop (Ireland), “Béal Bán: Nocturne”, issue 31, autumn/winter 2009,

Poetry Ireland Review (Ireland): “In the Underground Car Park”, issue 95, October 2008.

Southword (Ireland), “Sigüenza”, “Doubting Thomas” and “Listening to Inis Oirr” issue 13, December 2007,

The Stony Thursday Book (Ireland): Waiting for Saint Brendan”, autumn 2007.

Poetry Ireland Review (Ireland): “The Irish College at Salamanca,” issue 89, spring 2007.

Cyphers (Ireland), issue 58, winter 2004,  “Sandymount Strand II” and “The Fallen Angel”.

Cyphers (Ireland), issue 52, winter 2001, “I carried your oxygen” and “Saint James the Younger”. 


Prose in Print JournalS


New Hibernia Review (USA), an extract from THE TRAVELLED CHILD (memoir), autumn / winter 2017.

Poetry Ireland Review (Ireland): “A Transatlantic Menagerie: The Animal Poetry of Bishop, Lowell, Heaney and Grennan”, issue 119, autumn 2016.

Birmingham Poetry Review (USA): omnibus book review, spring 2016. 

Cyphers (Ireland): “An Interview with Pearse Hutchinson”, issue 76, autumn / winter 2013.

Cyphers (Ireland): “Rediscovering Luis Cernuda”, essay (commissioned), issue 54, winter 2002.

The Stinging Fly (Ireland): “A Meeting”, short story, issue 5, vol. 1, 1999.





Lakeview International Journal of Literature and Arts (India), "The Well" and "Influence", pages 37-38 (Vol. 4, no. 2, August 2016).

AMP: "Contact", 2016.

Map Literary: "The Room", "After the Room", "Three Person Sword", "Taking Everything" and "Stockholm Syndrome", Spring 2016.

The Punks of the Quintana, reprinted in The Limerick Post (11th March, 2015) on the occasion of the publication of Dream of a City, Limerick City of Culture anthology.

Levure Litteraire: four poems from Waiting For Saint Brendan, autumn 2014.

The Burning Bush 2, “Madrid Café,“ issue 6, February 2014.

Psychology Tomorrow": Nipples", January 2014.

Andrew Sullivan's blog, The Dish", Beginning of Trust", 15th December, 2013.

Mead: The Magazine of Literature and Libations: "The First Weeks in Ditmas Avenue" and "Not the Nightingale", 2012.

Freerange Nonfiction: "Florida Fire Child", Summer 2011.

Nashville Review: "Lazarus", "For My Brother" and "To a Predator", December 2011.

TRANSLATIONs from my work

Estudios Irlandeses (issue 12, 2017), a selection of poems from Santiago Sketches, introduced by John Liddy and translated into Spanish.  

Letras en línea (Chile), my poem "The Beginning of Trust" translated into Spanish by Cristóbal Johannon.

My TRANSLATIONs from the Spanish

Grey Book,  my translations from Chilean poet Enrique Winter's Lengua de seña / Sign Tongue, autumn / winter 2015.

Be Untexed (Myanmar), my translations from Enrique Winter's Lengua de seña / Sign Tongue.

Poetry International: three translations from the poems of Chilean poet Cristóbal Johannon: "Lapwings""Stroll" and "Mourning", 2015.



MFA Day Job: "Literary Community at The Lillian Vernon Creative Writers House", 19th September, 2017.

Hayden’s Ferry Review's blog: Contributor Spotlight, June 2014. 

Electric Literature: "An Evening in Solidarity With Mexican Journalists at PEN American", 20th October, 2010.